Campus Dispensary and First Aid Unit

Our institution is having two separate Dispensary unit for boys and girls. One full-time Doctor and 2 full-time pharmacists P. Jagannath Rao and Chakradhar Sahu are looking after the students and provide them treatment and medicines as and when required. In consultation with the Doctor J.Surya Rao, the pharmacists provide the medical aids to the students and staff members. In case of emergency, an ambulance unit is available to shift the patient to the nearest hospital which is 4k.m. away from college.

The dispensary takes care of the students for their health issues and instant medication for any health problems. Primary treatment of every emergency is taken care of by this unit. The dispensary is equipped with initial treatment medications, common health problem medications, stretcher, bed for treatment, a separate bed is made available with this unit for any kind of issues for taking rest due to health illness and as recommended by the physician or the pharmacist.

The dispensary also takes an active role in the collection of blood during "Blood Donation Camps" on the campus.